We Are The Champions

Monthly Coaching 
For Women Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners 

We Are The Champions is a monthly coaching program that will bring together a diverse group of businesswomen
for inspiring conversations over good food in a great restaurant.

But it’s so much more than just a good meal. 

It’s an opportunity each month for learning, exchanging ideas, sharing wins and struggles, problem solving,
gaining new perspectives, expanding our thinking and supporting and encouraging each other.  

Those of us who own and run small businesses know that while it can be exciting to be a business owner…it can also be isolating and lonely.  

We Are The Champions will be an intimate experience limited to 10 women – each from a different type of business. 

Why is this important?  Because it ensures you can easily and comfortably share your thoughts, and listen to and learn from the experiences and insights of the other women around the table with no worry about competition.


No matter the type of business you own…I think you’ll find we all share similar issues, concerns and obstacles. 

As your Coach & Guide, I’ll bring insight, experience and resources from my 20 years as a Small Business Owner, Coach and Therapist. 

At each dinner, we’ll discuss a new topic that will be a benefit for you personally and help you to thrive as a small business owner. 

Plus, we’ll share our wins, discuss our struggles or challenges, & offer thoughts, insight and new perspectives to help each other. 

How is Self Doubt Holding You Back in Your Business?

Managing Your Inner Critic
So You Can Take Risks & Grow

Imposter Syndrome:
What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

Work/Life Balance (is there such a thing?)

Knowing When To Pivot In Your Life & Business

Conquering Stress – Gaining Vitality

Setting & Accomplishing Your Goals in Life & Business


An opportunity to
learn from and with
other amazing Business Women

A safe place to share struggles, problems or obstacles
and also to find answers

An absolutely awesome
& encouraging place
to celebrate accomplishments
and each other.


For Network
or Multi-Level Marketers

To get referrals
or names on your prospect list

Financial Coaching

Is this for you?


Are you a Woman Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner
who has been in business for a minimum of 2 years?

Are you interested in learning and growing personally?

Would you enjoy the support and encouragement from a small group of women just like you? 

Will you commit to attending a dinner meeting once a month? 


Yes…this is for you!

Beginning in September,
a group of fabulous Business Women will meet
in a private room at a local Saskatoon Restaurant. 

Dinners will be held on the first Thursday of each month from September – May 2025

The cost of membership is $450.00 
($50 per month) plus your dinner & drinks

Maximum 10 Members

For further details or to apply
please send me an email



What They Say

The whole process
was eye opening for me.
I had never spoken about
my dreams
out loud before.
I’m so glad I did,
because now I’m
making things happen!

Kristen L.

I gained so much self awareness and for the first time,
I understood what I want
for my future,
and I learned
how to make it happen. 
As a small business owner,
this was a life changer!

Mark F.
Business Owner 

an encouraging,
safe space to explore
what I needed to,
and fresh ideas to
make things happen…
it was exactly what I needed.
Highly recommend.

Dana B